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M: Missing (Mai misses work) for [ profile] arianataniyama
Words: 2189
Genre: Everyday life?

Um )

......I have no idea what I was thinking when writing this one...?? *flees*
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T - Truth (& tea), Naru x Mai, for [ profile] sekitx2
Words: 3243 with an omake
Summary: A rambling and confused... non-confession confession?

Notes: details up to the end of Heiki.

...N-Naru?! )

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I is for Insane, as in Mai driving Naru..., for [ profile] ginny_t

Title: The Destructive Duo
Words: 4532 with an omake
Summary: Mai returns to the office after finishing her term finals...

Notes: Dream!boy shows up in the omake :P

Poor Naru... or is that poor everyone...??

boy this is long... )
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Hrm... I'm not sure about this. It's Lin, but... >.>

Q: Quest - for [ profile] ginny_t
Words: 2969
Genre: everyday life?

Naru does something really silly, so you do need to know his abilities. :P Beware of jealous Naru...

I'm sorry Lin... >.<;;  )

And for those who are wondering what's being mentioned in this story...
Moomin Bakery and Cafe:
Nyoronyoro and Moomin breads:

Northern Fox Hello Kitty:
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A drabble and an SS. I'm not sure what I did to Naru... Please don't kill me. ^^;;

Kiss, Naru/Mai, [ profile] love_of_anime
Length: 100 words

K Drabble; N-n-naru...?? )

C - Cold, Noll and Gene, [ profile] yamikakyuu
length: 1426 words

Cold SS )

And with that, I think I'll call it a night. :P
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Two drabbles apparently for [ profile] akinarei. This one hasn't made it to SS concept yet, but for some reason, someone decided to come pay me a visit this morning.  ^^; Maybe he's been feeling a bit neglected lately?

Exactly 100 words each. ^_^

With Dream!boy :P

Forgiveness...? )

Poor Lin-san... where's he been? Has he even shown up in the drabbles yet? That's okay, Naru's started to poke at me saying I should pay more attention to him again... >.<;;
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And before [personal profile] ginny_t decides to find some means of creating a wormhole and reaches through the screen to strangle me, I think A:  Albion SS shall go up.  It's gone past SSS length straight into SS.  >.>  Yeah, I seriously fail.  ^^;

A:  Albion
Mai in England (and any others that belong)
for [profile] hezziwig
Length:  3270 words
Genre:  General/Drama

Minor bits mentioned from the novels.

Albion )

Oh yeah, I fail.  >.>;  32.7 drabbles in length and that's with severe restraint.  *sigh*

For being "Mai-centric", *someone* took over.  >.>
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A, B, and Z drabbles just to prove that "yes, I can". :P I actually like how "Zen" worked. :P

Length: 100 words each

Albion, Mai in England, for [ profile] hezziwig; with spoiler
Albion )

Bones, for [ profile] thejenx
bones )

Zen, Yasuhara, for [ profile] parsnip_chan
Zen )
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Sorry guys... Not in English yet. :P (I hope this works and is at least semi-legible. I'm on Haku right now, and he doesn't have J input so I can't do anything with what I've written. (I can't quite *read* what I've written either. >.>)

Also, there are still a few letters left for grabs. So anyone who's interested should post a quick note with their request. ^_^

はい、下に載ってるアルファベットリク A の SSです~。これは[ profile] hezziwigからのリクで 英語編はまだ完成してません。。。て言うか そっちはまだ載ってません。2-3話になる予定で これはその最初の一話です。ごめんなさい こんなに長く書くつもりはなかったのに。。。(ま、一話はあんまり長くないが、すべてはちょっと長いかな?)

A is for Albion 1/2(?), J rough draft, for [ profile] hezziwig. Hope you like it (once it's up in English :P). ^_^

クリックしてね~ )


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