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Whoops, a hint late at posting this since I was busy in the kitchen making fudge and butter (again ^^; ). I think next time I have extra whipping cream, I'll try something a bit more yummy like creme fraiche or something. (And promptly make myself sick.) :P

In any case, the next part. A bit less than I would normally do thanks to the above eating some time. This takes us almost to the end of pg 55. ^^; (I'm not getting as much done as I should be. Eep!)

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And this will also be the last of the X-posts. The rest will be going up at [personal profile] shadow. Enjoy!

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And part 2. Jumping in directly from the previous part. And once again, we end mid-scene. ^^; I get the feeling this is going to be the norm.

Otherwise, I think it'll take a few more days to be sure, but I might've been a bit optimistic in my original estimate. I thought 10 pages (28 days) was a bit too few to translate, but 20 pages (14 days) is far too much for a daily pace so figured mid-way between the two might be good (approx. 15 pages--21 days). Unfortunately, reality might be a bit different. ^^; We'll see how things go and how the weekends might affect things. :P This section takes us partway into pg 42.

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And the first part to the novel. (Roughly until pg 30). As mentioned earlier, this was supposed to be started yesterday (and contains the preview previously translated), so it's a bit longer than most days will end up being. And yes, it does end in the middle of a scene. ^^; Oh, and this is raw translation, so it'll be a bit rough etc. ^^; Enjoy! :P

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FWIW, eventually the whole thing will be posted to LJ, but that will be once it's finished. (Assuming it gets finished...) ^^;

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Silly idea?

Jun. 2nd, 2009 01:15 am
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Given all the cookie baking and butter usage happening over here lately, I'm considering making my own butter. I have no idea if this is even remotely wise. The only plus to this plan that I can think of is gaining the by-product buttermilk which can be used for making scones. ...I suspect this might be a very silly idea......

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As above, this is still very much a WIP. I'm going to have to go through this later and get rid of a lot of extraneous stuffs as well. >.> Obviously spoilers abound within.

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Hopefully, this works. Editing for content (vs. for grammar) can be so touchy sometimes. >.>

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>.> Okay, so I didn't get as far as I wanted to.
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Hmm... no way to tell for sure yet, but at a guess, I'd say this is probably going to be AU. I don't think Lydia's going to make it to summer before becoming pregnant. ^^;

Little Lady

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>.> I *so* can't write romance, so trying to write Edgar is... >.<;; Worse still, not only am I in a serious writing slump, I still can't grasp the characters well enough to write decently either. >.<;; I hate pulling teeth. Still, the shower is, by far, the most 'productive' and fertile ground for plot bunnies. :P

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ROFLMAO! Well, one person has posted her thoughts about the game, and I have to admit, it makes me even more tempted to get it now. ^^;;

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A bit of info snagged from 2ch...

Cleared ends: 16
Scene titles: 20
Album: 98
Movies: 2
Seiyuu Comments: 6

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It's so short, yet so sweet. ^o^

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Enjoy! ^_^

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Apr. 29th, 2009 11:05 pm
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[ profile] reynardine mentioned that CPM has filed for Chapter 7. >.> It's always such a shame when the old companies fold like this. They had some really good titles, and heaven knows how many of those titles we bought when we were first getting into anime. (This is especially true prior to the opening up of online shopping and importing directly from Japan.) ^^;

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How ironic that the music I'd hunted down over the past number of days are the soundtracks for Arslan Senki (Heroic Legend of Arslan) and Utena. I have to decide if I want to re-rip Utena since they were apparently back-ported from FSU's iPod after her last desktop died the big crash.

Looks like my archive calendar's back to normal. ^_^ And I thought I saw someone say something about cuts working properly with X-posting, so here's to hoping...

[ETA: It works! ^o^]

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Deleted all of the smut and non-fic posts that were imported yesterday. I really wish there was a mass delete function or at least a multi-post edit function. >.> Ah, well, the main thing is that they're gone now. The odd thing is that, according to the archive calendar, I still 'have' posts dating back to 2005. Methinks something isn't updating properly. ^^;

Still not sure if I'm going to keep my fics on this account or not. Possibly not. As much as I like the higher post limit, I don't think I'd make a *fic* post that long. The *expletive deleted* 'summaries' I write will hopefully be the only things in that range.

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The things that come to mind when it wanders... >.> I really think I need to let this one go and get a new brain. ^^;

Ideas that came to mind based on the short description from Cobalt when thinking about the new HakuYou novel:

1 - Lydia disappears and Edgar (and others?) goes after [pretty typical and boooorrrrinnggg]
2 - Kelly disappears, Lydia (and Nico?) go after her, and Edgar (and Raven?) goes after Lydia
3 - Lydia sticks her nose into things getting everyone caught up in trouble
4 - Raven does something causing Edgar to 'punish' him again and ends up in a dress (again). Despite being in the company of many ladies, Raven gets kidnapped, ......Edgar realises Raven'll have no troubles getting himself out of trouble and decides to enjoy Lydia's company alone while waiting for Raven to get back. Nico decides to bring Raven back to the human realm after Edgar mentions Raven has no sense of direction and easily gets lost.
5 - As #4 because Edgar tries to preempt Lydia from getting herself (and everyone else) into trouble

Otherwise, it looks like HakuYou Vol 2 (manga) is coming out May 25th. ISBN for those who might be interested is 9784088464107.

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Apr. 25th, 2009 10:23 pm
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FSU, FSU, FSU... What am I to do with you...

When she came home today with groceries, she said 'cookies'. Since she mentioned wanting choco chip cookies earlier this week, I assumed she *bought* cookies. No, she 'lost' a bet and had to *make* cookies. ^^;

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If anyone has any recipes that use buttermilk, I'd love to hear it. ^^;

Otherwise, I think yesterday might've seen the end of the honeymoon for me and Dreamwidth. *laughs* (Don't get me wrong, I do like DW, but...) 'Ye massive block of text' that results from X-posting *killed* me as I reformatted it so I could actually work with it on LJ. Had I been thinking straight, I would have done a straight search and replace or similar (50kb of text and manual editing is big time stupid), but unfortunately, the brain was not working at 2:30AM. :P I'm going to try something different with this X-post and see what it does to the formatting. I've never liked the massive single line of code approach to HTML, so I really don't like editing these posts once they're X-posted. >.> Ah well, shall see.

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Yay, Lota's here! ^o^

Not even 60 pages... *cry* ) ^^;


Apr. 24th, 2009 12:27 pm
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Got tired of waiting until the pseudo-summary-more-like-translation for vol 6 is long enough to surpass LJ's posting limits and decided to try X-posting my 2008 NaNo instead. For those who know, yes, that monstrosity that no one (possible not even I) can read because it's poorly written in J... (Can you call it J if there are so many typos that I'm not sure I'll be able to figure out what characters were meant to be written?) *laughs*

As expected, the post failed to X-post, but unfortunately that's all I know--no reason is given for the failure. (It posted fine though.) That's okay, when pasting the text into my browser, I was almost afraid I crashed the *browser* since it stopped responding for a long moment. ^^; Ah well. Lots of fun and games. Still trying to learn (re-learn?) the meaning of 'summary'. Hopefully soon, but I also have to admit that I would like to get to... the peacock comment? Either that or until Edgar and Lydia meet up again for translations more than summary. There's just too much fun stuff in the book until then. :P

FWIW, at my current pace, I can probably post the first part of the pseudo-summary...... tonight or tomorrow depending. (Especially since I've been mentioning this so much. >.> ) Essentially, it should be ~60pgs of the book. (I should probably read through things once and hunt down and destroy any lurking grocer's apostrophes or other similar horrors though.)

(Methinks I like chibi-Edgar a bit too much. He's being used an awful lot. ^^; )

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Shounen Onmyouji's latest novel is set for June 1 release. Apparently, it'll be the start of a new story arc. (Ack! I haven't read any of the books from the previous arc! >.<;)

The zakki tease Masahiro while he and Mokkun work hard in the capital when a wind carrying youki turns into a storm. That wind was being caused by tengu who were searching for the (a?) missing young tengu!!

Dear Me:

According to the Oxford Dictionary, this is the meaning of summary:

rest of I know not what )

A couple quotes. :P
Things between Lydia and I have been going extremely well lately. She no longer hates it when I ask her to accompany me, she doesn't get angry when I hold her hand, and sometimes she even looks like she's enjoying herself when she's with me. We've finally become like lovers.

'For me, you are love's greatest problem!'

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Amazon JP has the book cover for 魔都に誘われた新婚旅行 (Honeymoon Invited to the Demon Capital [<-- could be 'lured' or ...? I won't know for sure what's more appropriate until I've actually read the book. :P ]) up now. As mentioned yesterday, it's the same img (only in colour) as on the newsletter. ^^;

Hmm... the book comes out in a week. I should start keeping an eye out for spoilers on the various blog sites out there then. ^^;

(And since there was a code update which should allow other language X-posting, here's to trying. :P )

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[Edited to add: The x-post works fine (with J), and my mood goes across. But I have no mood icon on LJ...? Hmm... ^^;

Oh, and I need to figure out how to turn off x-post notifications. >.<; ]
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Cobalt has posted their latest newsletter for their May book releases. HakuYou is listed on the back side of the newsletter and includes a brief blurb about the latest novel. ^o^ (If you DL the page [it's the only section on the site that's been updated recently], you'll be able to see what the book cover will look like.)

And for those who want to know...

Edgar and Lydia go to France for their honeymoon. Lately, women have been disappearing mysteriously from the Rose Coast where they're staying. Apparently, the fae seem to be involved in the matter...?

And vol 6 whacked me over the head as it reminded me why summarising these volumes can be really bad sometimes. ^^;; I'm not even 18 pages into the book and am at 12k. O_O;; The book's ~280 pgs. Umm...?? That and my tendency to stop typing and start reading makes for very slow going sometimes. :P

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Reading through the latest news from Dreamwidth, I discovered that auto-X-posting should be possible. So... (decidedly not a) drive-by post. :P

WRT the weirdness / fail a week+ ago by Amazon, I have to admit I've been watching how the J site behaves even though (as I'd mentioned when that stuff was hitting the fan) I don't actually read GLBT stuffs at the moment. Heck, I don't read English much at the moment (which is another issue). However, there is something that's been popping up on occasion on that has me wondering if that's the source of all that fail. My question, though, is why on earth am I running into it on occasion if it's not ready to go live??

not a heck of a lot )

Life handed me lemons today--17 of them in fact. (Of the fruit kind! Minds can get out of the gutters! :P ) Weird question: is it better to add lemon zest to hot water, cold water, or does it not make a difference?

Back to HakuYou vol 6 summary and my attempt to find out post limits for Dreamwidth and if it's any different from LJ. (Why, no. I'm not going to just take a pre-existing summary and post it here. That'd be no fun.) I wonder how long this sucker's going to take me... *sigh*

(......Come to think of it, would it be any different? If it were, wouldn't it create problems with X-posting...?)

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[Edited to add: Hmm... cut tags don't go across, so there's a touch of clean-up when X-posting. Will have to keep that in mind for next time. ^^; ]

[Edited to add2: Make sure all edits are done on this end (or remove X-post option) when editing. So much for my LJ edits... ^^; ]
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初伯妖二次創作になりますが うん。。。 どうかしら?まだ喋り方やキャラをうまく掴んでない気がするね。トホホ。 -_-;;

パチっと )

うん。。。やっぱうまくいかないな。。。 >。>  全然うまく書けないし 言いたいこともはっきり書けない。伯妖だからかな?悪霊ならちゃんと書けるかな?後で試してみるが ひどいスランプかも知らない。 >.>

次はカキコの長さを試してみま~す。LJでは、50k程度しか書けないが こちらのコメントはもっと長いものを書けるからポーストももっと書けるか そうじゃないか 試して見るる~。

。。。。。。ってことって。まさか!伯妖第6巻の内容を書くつもり?!うえええ。。。 >.>

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