Apr. 20th, 2009

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Reading through the latest news from Dreamwidth, I discovered that auto-X-posting should be possible. So... (decidedly not a) drive-by post. :P

WRT the weirdness / fail a week+ ago by Amazon, I have to admit I've been watching how the J site behaves even though (as I'd mentioned when that stuff was hitting the fan) I don't actually read GLBT stuffs at the moment. Heck, I don't read English much at the moment (which is another issue). However, there is something that's been popping up on occasion on amazon.co.jp that has me wondering if that's the source of all that fail. My question, though, is why on earth am I running into it on occasion if it's not ready to go live??

not a heck of a lot )

Life handed me lemons today--17 of them in fact. (Of the fruit kind! Minds can get out of the gutters! :P ) Weird question: is it better to add lemon zest to hot water, cold water, or does it not make a difference?

Back to HakuYou vol 6 summary and my attempt to find out post limits for Dreamwidth and if it's any different from LJ. (Why, no. I'm not going to just take a pre-existing summary and post it here. That'd be no fun.) I wonder how long this sucker's going to take me... *sigh*

(......Come to think of it, would it be any different? If it were, wouldn't it create problems with X-posting...?)

[X-posted between [personal profile] shadow and [livejournal.com profile] kagedreams]

[Edited to add: Hmm... cut tags don't go across, so there's a touch of clean-up when X-posting. Will have to keep that in mind for next time. ^^; ]

[Edited to add2: Make sure all edits are done on this end (or remove X-post option) when editing. So much for my LJ edits... ^^; ]


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