Apr. 14th, 2009

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First post joy! ^o^

I am *so* lost at the moment but am seriously looking forward to poking around and seeing how everything works in here. I've especially been looking forward to seeing how the friends function works ever since reading about the different levels. I'm still not sure if I want to import my LJ (let alone which one(s)) though. Hopefully, it'll be possible to import journal(s) in later. Likewise, I haven't made myself an appropriate icon for this journal. >.<;;

Looking around, it's *so* different yet familiar, and there's no question about construction dust everywhere. Everything feels so shiny and *new*! (Can I abuse the poor asterisk any more? :P ) I especially need to look around and see what features are available to free accounts vs paid. One of the things I noticed right away when setting this journal up was the kanji mood theme; I didn't agree with (or know... ^^;) some of the kanji used, and would probably want to change some of them if I were to use said theme. (Call me contrary.) :P When I was reading about all the development going on in those sorts of areas, I didn't realise that there'd be so little available yet. ^^; It seriously makes me want to try and figure out how to do things like layouts (something I've never tried before), making mood themes (something I've been pondering lately but was thinking more along the lines of screen cap from fave series and make up a set), ...and how do I make a cut on here?! *laughs*

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Whoops. Past 3AM is not when I should be posting. :P Next post will most likely be in Japanese as I finish off that silly fic I've been sitting on for the past month or more and try posting it. Really I should be posting it to my J blog, but... :P I want to see how this place handles other language posting. (Come to think of it, I haven't looked to see if there's other language support for the layouts yet either. There's so much poking around and everything else that I want to do in here! ^^; )


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