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Wow! Pretty much on time. :P Final word count: 56,784.

'Kelly's really something,' Lydia thought as she heard Edgar sigh disappointed. She straightened his pocket handkerchief. And doing so gave her the feeling that they really were a married couple. The little every day things hinted at the future happiness that spending the years together would bring.

As Lydia smiled, she had no idea how warm and gentle her love was as she nestled against him, and she was unaware how she seemed to glow.

Edgar seemed to collect himself as he gazed at Lydia. "We're together every day, yet you become more and more beautiful with each day. I can only hope that it's the result of all my love for you."

"You're kidding. I haven't changed that much."

"You mean you haven't noticed? Maybe I don't love you anywhere near enough for you to be content."

"I-it's more than enough." She ended up blushing again and trying to move away, but Edgar chuckled amused.

"Would it be alright for me to intrude? It sounds like you're having fun." Francis said as he appeared.

He looked sheepish as he waved from where he stood beside the door Kelly had opened. Edgar had Lydia take his arm and led her to the drawing room where Francis waited.

"I hear you're going to a party? But before that, I wanted to express my thanks to Lydia."

"I didn't do anything......"

She'd told Edgar everything she'd learned from Aeris. And Edgar was supposed to have told Francis about Diana's whereabouts. It hurt that she didn't have good news for him.

"No, I'm glad to know for sure. And it's thanks to you that I'm alive. Aeris most likely wouldn't acknowledge me, but since you're the Lady of Ibrazel, she probably thought that she should tell you about Diana's death. Not to mention that it seems I managed to come back here alive because I have ties to the earl's family."

Lydia walked over to Francis and took his hand. "I think Diana believed that you would go to that city with the gold key one day. Most likely she'd told Aeris that, and that's why she so readily gave me what had been promised to be given in exchange for it."

Francis looked away probably seeing the image of Diana in his mind. "You're probably right. Back then, I saw her mission as an obstacle to our love. But most likely I was being tested to see if I loved her enough so as to protect all of her including her mission and her goals. I wonder if we could have become like the two of you had I realised it sooner...... Like the two of you who were able to demonstrate to Aeris the precious bond that she wanted to know about." Francis gazed at Lydia again and smiled. He still held her hand and seemed unwilling to let go, and Lydia thought that it was most likely because he was deeply struck by that thought, but...

"Where do you think you're looking?"

Edgar suddenly hid Lydia behind him as he stepped between them.

Much to her surprise, Francis smiled teasingly. "Naturally, at what's most attractive."

"Do you want to lose your other eye?"

Francis laughed as he dodge Edgar's finger and headed for the door. "Lydia, I pray that blood doesn't end up being shed at tonight's party," he said as he left.

"Master, you should probably be leaving soon," Kelly prompted.

"We'll do that." He took Lydia's arm and sighed. "It's such a waste to let other men see you. After all, you're mine now," he murmured. He gazed at her bosom.

Lydia finally understood what was meant by the previous conversation and her face went red as she frowned. "Wh-what are you looking at?!"

"Eh? You mean I'm not allowed to look as much as I like?"

"D-don't ogle like that. ......Also, I don't think Francis was actually thinking any dirty thoughts when he looked...... More likely, that part just happened to enter his field of view."

"As if that could be the case! Lydia, if I'm thinking it, then it's only natural for any other man to be think the same thing. They just don't actually say it."

Lydia thought that that especially was unlike to be true.

"If that's true, then does that mean you look at other women that way, too?"

"Certainly not. I have a beloved wife, so they don't interest me."

That's definitely a lie.

"In that case, then other men aren't likely to be interested in me."

"You're wrong about that. Not all married couples get along well. There aren't that many men out there that are as smitten with their wives as I am with you. So... that's right. Try not to bend forward too much tonight."

He was in decidedly good form joking around so readily.

Lydia couldn't help feeling a bit exasperated. "You're right. I'll be especially careful in front of you."

"Ehh, that's no fair."

The two laughed as they went down the stairs towards the foyer.

While she wasn't used to being in society and attending parties, as long as she was with Edgar, she wasn't afraid of them. She also enjoyed spending time chatting together. And she wanted to continue protecting their happiness.

"Lydia, we will find the red moonstone," Edgar said turning serious for a moment.

Lydia nodded firmly and looked at her white moonstone wedding ring.

"Edgar, you know how this white moonstone was the magic white bow? What they say is the weapon, is the red bow then."

When the star sapphire's arrow is used with the white bow, it was able to purge the Unseelie Court's magic. It was a very powerful ward against evil magic.

"That's right. It could be that the red bow uses the sword's other magic and makes an arrow of the star ruby."

When the sapphire turns into a ruby, the sword displays destructive powers. In which case, the bow that fires that arrow would have that same destructive power. And unlike the sword which was only good one on one, it was possible that it had the power to affect a large area. Aeris had said that Edgar would be unable to use it right now. Lydia didn't know if there was anyone who could use it or not. Even so, if it was possible that the red moonstone might be able to protect Edgar from the prince, they had to find it.

Their only clue was Diana's map. Lydia had been found unconscious with a silver locket in her hand. Inside the locket was a piece of ivory with nothing on it. While it didn't make for much of a clue at the moment, if they could figure out how to use it, most likely they would be able to figure out where Ibrazel was.

"Ermine also said something about gaining Ibrazel in its entirety."

And there were still many things they didn't know about the prince's organisation and the Blue Knight Earl. And it was possible that the MacKeal clan's prophet might be involved in some way.

"I'm not sure what her intentions are, but I'm glad she's fine and that she's free and not being held captive."

As always, it was impossible to tell from her attitude if she was their enemy or their ally, but since she showed herself to Lydia, that distinction was most likely already clear in her mind.

"I wonder why she doesn't show herself to you."

"I don't think she will. I think she's realised that she's no longer doing things for me but for herself."

He was probably right. But at the same time, Ermine still left her pelt in Edgar's hands. In other worse, her life was still in his hands. Perhaps it was her way of showing her loyalty. Because most likely, her soul eternally belonged to Edgar.

A carriage was waiting for them as they went outside. Normally, Raven would be somewhere nearby, but Lydia noticed he was nowhere to be seen.

"By the way, I haven't seen Raven for awhile."

"Ah, I had him look for galettes that fly in the sky," Edgar replied calmly.

Lydia frowned in surprise. "Do galettes fly?"

"You said you wanted to see it, didn't you? Flying galettes. Nico said so. If it's something you want, then I want to give it to you."

"......About that, I thought it strange when the fae were talking about galettes that flew through the air, but when I asked the hotel staff about it, they said they were a food. Honestly, that Nico...... I was just nodding along to the strange things the fae were saying!"

"Really? So Nico was mistaken then. I was thinking flying galettes seemed odd, too," Edgar laughed lightly. But since Edgar had ordered it, Raven was undoubtedly desperately searching for galettes that flew through the air.

"Wait, you should call Raven back."

"I don't know where he is."


"There's nothing to worry about. I'm sure we'll be able to see flying galettes soon."

It's not like I really want to see that......

Lydia seemed a bit taken aback, but Edgar was unconcerned as he helped her into the carriage. And the carriage quickly sped off on the rose-coloured cobblestones that the red moonstone was supposed to have coloured so very long ago.


The sound of the clock in the hall echoed throughout the hotel. Kelly sat in one corner of the drawing room waiting for her lord and lady's return. While she ended up accompanying the couple on their honeymoon shortly after she started working for the earl's household, many unbelievable things had already occurred. Kelly believed that the fae existed. But she never expected she would actually experience going to the fae realm herself.

"Mrs. Lydia is a true fairy doctor......" She'd been able to return from the royal city of another world after all.

Even in the Connaught clan where the job of fairy doctor had become obsolete, people still spoke about what sort of people fairy doctors were. They were people who brought happiness to both the fae and people. And Lydia was trying to do just that. She'd heard that there were those among fairy doctors who used fae magic in order to control the fae. But even at the royal city, Lydia abided by its law, realised what the princess's wish was, and managed to get everyone out safely. They say that a true fairy doctor gains the fae's trust and is then able to acquire their help. So there was no doubt that Lydia was just that.

"Hmm? Raven's not around, huh?"

And here too, was a fairy that Lydia was friends with. The grey cat had spoken as he entered from the window. His long tail waved elegantly as he stood on two legs and looked up at Kelly.

"Yes, he went to find galettes that fly through the air at the request of the master."

Nico looked surprised as he scratched his head with his small hand close to where his ears poked up from his luxurious coat.

"Oh dear. About that...... When I double checked with the corrigan about it, they said galettes are something you eat. And even though they're the ones who said they fly, they just asked 'did we say that?' They'd already forgotten all about it."

"......Really? I wonder how far Mr. Raven went. He doesn't understand French or Breton."

"Yeah, well, with Raven, I get the feeling he might actually find flying galettes."

"I found them."

The two turned to find Raven standing in the doorway.

"Ehh, really? But galettes don't really fly, right?"

"Five days from now, there's a festival in a nearby village where people compete and see how can throw a galette the farthest."

"That's a strange festival."

"It's probably a harvest offering. The throw them from the top of a cliff towards the ocean, so the galettes that are cooked paper-thin look as though they're dancing as they fly through the air."

"That sounds rather fun. Good job, Raven."

Even though he'd been complimented, Raven's expression didn't change, but somehow, he seemed very happy as he looked at Nico.

"By the way, Mr. Nico, there was something I was wanting to ask you." Raven spoke in the much friendlier manner that he used only when speaking with Nico.

"Sure, ask me anything," the gentleman in the form of a small cat said acting like a big brother.

"That time...... I thought I saw selkies. So I was thinking that you probably saw the fae even more clearly than I did."

That time, the time when they were fleeing from the royal city, they'd been swept up in a wave and thought they were done for. But something had pushed Kelly and the others to the surface. And while another wave came, this time, it washed them ashore on the island.

Kelly also thought she saw a swarm of something blackish. Perhaps those were the legendary selkies. Could selkies have been in mermaid territory? Lydia had given Aeris what she wanted, so the mermaids changed the movement of the wave. They stopped trying to drag everyone into the sea, and they swept everyone back to the human realm. But Kelly too, sensed that after they'd been swept from the horse and seemed like they were about to drown, the mermaids magic wasn't what helped them out first.

"Yeah, they were selkies." For some reason, Nico spoke quietly as he looked up at Raven gently. "This area isn't part of the selkies's sea. They might have been her friends."

"Perhaps they were somewhere nearby."


Kelly didn't understand what they were talking about, but they seemed to be sharing a fond memory, so she remained silent trying not to interrupt them.

Raven seemed to pulled himself together, and he looked at the clock.

"Most likely Master Edgar will be late returning tonight. Do you wish to retire first, Mr. Nico?"

"I think they should be returning shortly."

When Kelly spoke up, Raven looked at her as though he only then realised she was there. Somehow, she wasn't entirely surprised.

"But Master Edgar tends to stay at parties until late."

"They're in the middle of their honeymoon. Naturally, he'll want to leave soon and spend time alone with the missus. And even were that not the case, when he saw how beautiful Mrs. Lydia was tonight, he was acting like a child wanting her all to himself."

"I see. Lydia has her hands full, too." Nico laughed amused.

"You're quite something, Miss Kelly. That's a very mature opinion."

Raven didn't seem to say those words to spite her, but rather, he seemed to have been honestly impressed. Kelly had no choice but to give in.

"Well, in any case, as long as they're getting along well, that's all that matters. Not to mention Lydia's being a lot more amenable, too."

"About that...... you know how the master sometimes likes to trouble or anger Mrs. Lydia, right? So the most worrisome time is when Mrs. Lydia happily cuddles up to him."

"......It's true that the more complacent Mrs. Lydia is, the more Master Edgar tries to get away with things and they often fight as a result." Raven frowned slightly possible having become worried as well.

Perhaps they were relieved at having been able to return from the royal city safely, but the two of them were getting along much better than usual today. So Kelly couldn't help feeling that something would probably happen soon. Just as she thought that, the door opened noisily and Lydia, in her red dress, came running into the drawing room.

"Kelly! Wh-what should I do......"

"What has happened, my lady?"

"I forgot."

"What did you forget?"

"That she said she would do one thing I asked in apology." Edgar was in a good mood as he followed her in.

"In apology?"

"That's right. For keeping things from me. Even though I would never chastise her for doing something out of kindness. So, from now on, you should trust me and no longer try to hide things from me," he said.

Lydia turned and looked at Edgar. "Naturally, I will do that. But this and that have nothing to do with each other, right?!"

"But they do. In other words, there's no point to stubbornly hiding your body."

"But the bruises haven't fully healed yet......"

"They won't bother me in the least."

"B-but...... Kelly!" Lydia looked at Kelly as though begging for help.

"Umm... master, for now, I'll help Mrs. Lydia get changed."

In any case, if she didn't get Lydia calmed down, the two might end up in another argument. So Kelly tried to intervene, but Edgar quickly pulled Lydia to him and opened the door to their bedroom.

"There's no need for that. She doesn't need her nightwear tonight." He took her into the bedroom and closed the door behind them. Kelly stood there in shock along with Raven when she finally came to her senses. She stared at the bedroom door with bated breath. She stayed there for some time, but there was no signs of Lydia coming running out of there.

"......It seem that our work is done for today."

Kelly looked as though a burden had been lifted from her shoulders as she turned to go finish straightening up the dressing room.

"Hey, do you think they'll be alright? Lydia's quite stubborn, and when the earl takes advantage of her weaknesses, he'll probably try to get away with more and more," Nico said. Raven stood next to Nico with his head cocked slightly to one side looking uncertain.

"Most likely, things will be fine tonight."

At a glance, he seemed overbearing, but in the end, Edgar would lose to Lydia. And if push came to shove and Lydia seemed like she was about to cry, most likely he would be unable to force her and would end up trying to appease her instead. And undoubtedly, Lydia would then end up forgiving him and try her best to give him what he wanted.

"Honestly, talk about putting you on edge. This morning, Lydia was being quite complacent after she'd finally regained consciousness and didn't mind being with him."

"But I feel like this is the way they normally are."

Kelly nodded agreeing with Raven.

"Yes, I think it's better not having to be in the position of having to be keenly aware of a person's love. I think it's much better that even though the two sometimes fight, they still sleep together."

They were carrying a burden that made it difficult for them to be a quiet couple, so it might be difficult for them to be like ordinary couples. And for that reason, Edgar and Lydia both could probably feel that sort of everyday contentment as they had their minor arguments and made up from them.

After word

Hello. This time, we have the honeymoon arc. While they're travelling in France, the area they're travelling in isn't very famous, so it may be that many people won't realise it. I checked through a number of travel guides, but most of them don't list the area(!). But this is a story about 'the fae', and when it comes to France, that's the place to go. After all, that's the area where Celtic style legends of fairies are! While this is a short after word, I really hope you enjoyed this story. And that someday, you'll read about them again.

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Thank you so much, I've really enjoyed the story. Looking forward to more of them!!

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