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Ah, but I do like this book. :P We're now somewhere on pg 81... >.<;;

Raven nodded, and Edgar left him and headed towards Francis. Francis stood motionless as though he were a statue. Edgar stopped in surprise when he noticed a tear glittering as it slid down Francis's cheek. However, the deep sorrow and anger hidden in that profile was wiped out in an instant. Most likely because he sensed Edgar's presence. By the time Francis turned, he was no longer someone overwhelmed by the feelings inside him. Rather, he had the peaceful expression of someone buried in sentimental memories.

“......Hey, Edgar, were you staying here, too? What a coincidence. I just arrived.” He scrubbed his cheek embarrassed.

“Is this also one of the places from the past?”

“Yeah, the last place we were together was on this coast.”

“I see.”

“You caught me at a bad moment. It's strange to still be so attached to a woman, isn't it?”

He shrugged.

The gentle demeanor and calm manner of speech. The striking silver hair tied back in a pony tail, too, didn't seem familiar. Even if he'd had both eyes when they supposedly met before, Edgar thought he had a good memory for people.

“I don't think so. If Lydia were to disappear, no doubt I would wander about seeking any trace of her.”

Apparently Francis was rather surprised at that. No doubt he'd been convinced that Edgar had no principles when it came to women.

“You really are completely smitten by her, aren't you?”

Edgar nodded and smiled. “Even if I hit on the Postners's sweet daughter, I couldn't forget about Lydia. It seems you're unaware of it, so I'll warn you. But if you happen to meet Lord Postner again, it would be better not to mention me.”

“Did you do something?”

“Not really. Lord Postner was angry when I told him that my heart was already set on marrying someone even though I never even kissed the young lady.”

Edgar drew close to Francis as he laughed.

“So Francis, if perchance you're after Lydia, there's no telling what I'll do.”

His blue eyes reflected Edgar's ash-mauve ones. A hint of panic showed in them.

“Why did you want to speak to me?” Edgar asked without preamble. “We've never actually met, have we?”

Francis stepped basic as though defeated by Edgar's presence. He hung his head like a child who's been scolded. “Sorry...... But I wanted to become friends.”

His comment was almost like that of a young boy who just started boarding school.

“Huh? You mean you've always been making friends by suddenly pretending you've known the person all the time?”

“I've never made friends up until now,” he answered flatly.

Despite his disbelief, Edgar couldn't help finding the situation funny. “Then why did you find out what you could about me and try to become friends with me?”

“I wanted to make sure you were the real thing.”

“By 'the real thing'?”

“......That's right. Lord Ibrazel―Edgar Ashenbert. It seems that really is your name. But are you really the earl of fae lands? It's generally considered that Ibrazel's just a name attached to that rank, right? So, I wanted to know what you yourself actually thought about it. Are you really a descendant of the Blue Knight Earl who's said to have ruled over fae lands and was the lord of real fairies?”

Edgar took a deep breath at the unexpected answer. He'd been asking himself the same question. Naturally, Edgar wasn't the descendant of the Blue Knight Earl, but he was betting everything trying to become the real earl. In order to eliminate the Prince of Calamity, who had plans to lead the Unseelie Court against England in order to take his revenge, and in order to protect Lydia and the earl's house, he had to continue to be the real earl. While Francis seemed to be interested in the fae, his trying to get to know him because of his curiosity was nothing more than a bother.

“Why does that matter to you?” he asked deliberately sounding annoyed.

“The woman I loved said she came from Ibrazel.”

Surprised, Edgar didn't know what to ask next. He stared at Francis almost glaring at him, and Francis stared seriously back at him.

At that moment, Kelly's voice interrupted them. “Master! Trouble! Mrs. Lydia......”


The hotel soon came to be in an uproar. Mrs. Slope's shackles and shoes were found at the base of the cliff the building stood on almost directly below the room the Slopes were staying in. After hearing from Lydia what had happened, Edgar then informed the manager. Shortly thereafter, the police and hotel staff climbed down the sheer cliff and found a strip of cloth from a dress and the remnants of some blood on a boulder. It seemed that, after falling from the window, the lady hit the boulder and the shackles came off. But no doubt most people were wondering why there were shackles on the wife of a wealthy house let alone why there were signs of blood on the cane.

They tried to speak to the husband, but Mr. Slope disappeared immediately after the commotion began. The manager came to Lydia's room and looked down when he explained that they didn't find the wife's body, so it most likely fell into the ocean and was swept away.

“Why there are strange rumours of women being enticed to the beautiful capital city at the bottom of the ocean, reality is most cruel.”

Lydia and Kelly exchanged looks.

“Do you mean the rumours of ladies disappearing from this hotel in the past?”

“From this hotel? No. I've heard that women who have stayed here have disappeared, but it occurred after they'd finished checking out and left the hotel. It's the first time something like this has happened.”

“The capital city...... at the bottom of the sea” The little fairies seeking Lydia's help also mentioned it. Remembering it, she couldn't help wondering about it.

“It's a legend in this area. The royal city that controlled Bretagne in the past is said to be somewhere in the middle of the sea. However, the princess there is said to have been a wild, wicked woman, and the capital city ended up sinking to the bottom of the sea after she was betrayed by her lover. It's said that the princess hates men and created a paradise at the bottom of the sea for women. She only invites unhappy women and kills any men who try to go near there. In these parts, the deaths of fishermen and seamen are said to be because of the princess.”

“The princess didn't die even though the capital city sank?” Kelly asked genuinely curious.

“Legend has it that her mother was one of the fae. So even though the capital has disappeared, it's believed that she's alive somewhere.”

Perhaps the princess invited women who'd been betrayed as she had been. Could it be that Mrs. Slope, who might have been killed by her husband, had been saved by the princess? Lydia wondered. She was lost in thought when the manager left as her thoughts turned to Aeris. Aeris said things hadn't been in time. She wondered what would being in time would've meant.

“The tidal range in this area is very great. They said that come high tide, most likely the shoes, bloodstains, and cane wouldn't have been found, and any proof that the wife might have been murdered would most likely have vanished.” Edgar said upon returning to the room after explaining the situation to the police.

“It's all thanks to the fae.”

Most likely, if they only had the shackles, no one would have believed they were Mrs. Slope's.

“It's because a fairy doctor was here.

But her life couldn't be saved. Even so, it wasn't as though a total stranger like Lydia had been able to do anything.

Most likely, whatever she could have done would've been on the same level as being shoved away by Mr. Slope as had happened the day before.

“I said that a cat had found that cane, so if they ask you about it, you should say the same thing.” Edgar had grabbed Nico and held him up in front of the police identifying him as the cat.

Until a short while ago, Nico had been complaining at length to Lydia about being treated like a cat, and he now sat in an armchair in front of the fireplace extremely put out by the event. Still upset, he was pouting and moved his tail restlessly.

Remembering the cane, Lydia remembered the blood stuck to it. The wife had been struck by that cane the previous day as well. It had been used against Lydia, too, when she tried to intervene. And as a result, she'd ended up slipping on the stairs, but from that sheer cliff, Mrs. Slope...... Lydia trembled as she remembered the chill she'd felt at that time.

Edgar knelt before the chair Lydia sat in and looked at her concerned. “You don't look well. It's not surprising; it's a terrible incident.”

“I'm okay. And most likely the corrigan's wife has been saved as well, so I was able to be of some help as a fairy doctor.”

Edgar smiled slightly. “Still, Lydia. When Kelly came running over, I was worried sick that something had happened to you.”

“You're kidding, really? So that's why you looked so worried when you came.”

Even when directly faced with a terrible occurrence, as long as Edgar was there, Lydia was able to regain her composure. Edgar, on the other hand, looked down pensively and frowned as though tormented. He pressed his forehead to Lydia's knees. It was much more intimate than having him hold her and seemed as though he was seeking comfort. Lydia couldn't help feeling a bit flustered, and struggled to remain still.

“I wonder if we should have come here,” he murmured softly.

Despite her confusion, Lydia reached out and buried her fingers in his blond hair.

“To be honest, I'm not sure about learning everything about the earl's household.”

Lydia was trying to find out whatever she could about the Blue Knight Earl's house and Ibrazel. But Edgar had seemed a bit reluctant half-joking that it was their honeymoon. Perhaps it wasn't all that surprising. Lydia was surprised when she realised how he felt.

“The merrow and Banshee and many of the fae have accepted me. But as we try to get closer to the mysteries of the earl's household, it may be that something fundamental will show that I'm unfit to be the earl.”

And if that happened, it could be that Edgar felt he would be unable to eliminate the prince's memories that he carried within him. In England and the human realm, Edgar's position was secure. As the earl of Faerie, the queen's retainer, and as a member of the nobility, there was no doubt he could readily support his household. But those couldn't help him fight against the prince.

“Edgar, it's all right. Even if we can't get hold of everything there is to the earl's household, I'm sure another way will be revealed. After all, you've come this far opening up your own path to the future that way.

Edgar looked up at Lydia and smiled slightly. “You're right. As long as you're with me, I can become stronger.” He pulled Lydia's hand towards him and kissed her fingertips and then her wrist. He slid his lips towards the bare skin covered by her sleeves, but Lydia unthinkingly pulled her hand away when she remembered that she had bruises on her arms. Fortunately, before Edgar could wonder why, there was a knock at the door.

“My lord, Mr. Finistère is here,” Raven announced.

Edgar quickly stood as though trying to switch gears. “Ah, that's right. I needed to ask him about the lady who'd come from Ibrazel.”

“Eh? From Faerie?”

Edgar held a hand out for Lydia and with impeccable style, he escorted her to the drawing room next door.

The lady Francis was in love with is said to have come from Ibrazel. Apparently, she'd been on a mission dealing with Faerie, but he had no information about her after that. Francis admitted that he thought she was an unusual lady that was prone to flights of fancy. The megaliths and pink cliffs that continued all along the coast and the deep forests that surrounded springs and ruins gave the Bretagne landscape a mysterious feel. It felt like a strange magical world lay hidden very close to the everyday world. That's why he thought what she said was true. More than reality, he believed what she said, believed in the Fae realm, and just wanted to be together with her. It was only after she disappeared that Francis found out that someone called the Earl of Ibrazel actually existed among the English nobility.

Edgar Ashenbert. Wondering if that man was the one who gave her that mission, if the fae realm really exist like she said and if he came from there, Francis hired a detective to look into him. And just when he was considering heading to London, he learned that the earl was in Paris and so he sought his chance to meet the man.

“May I ask what the lady's name was?” Lydia asked in Edgar's stead. He'd fallen silent after listening to Francis's explanation.

“Diana. She asked me to call her that, but I don't even know if it's her real name.”

“Francis, I'm afraid I don't know that lady. Nor have I given anyone any such mission.”

Francis sighed. “Does Ibrazel really exist?” he asked as though wanting to know for sure.

Edgar frowned and looked like he was uncertain.

“It exists,” Lydia stated firmly.

Perhaps Edgar thought the existence of the place which made up part of his name had nothing to do with him. Even more so if the unknown woman Diana was working for the sake of that place. But even so, Lydia wanted to connect Edgar to the land of the fae, and she felt might be able to do so, too. Since she was the earl's house's fairy doctor, she should be able to do so.

“After all, it's one of our territories, right Edgar?”

Edgar said that he couldn't talk about the fae realm with outsiders cutting off any further questions. It wasn't surprising. He couldn't tell Francis that he was the Blue Knight Earl even though he was unrelated to the Blue Knight Earl's house. However, if he broke the conversation, they too couldn't ask more involved questions about the woman Francis knew who'd come from the faerie realm. And in the end, neither side was able to learn what they wanted to.

What was it that that woman was trying to do for the fae realm. Could it be that relatives of the earl and his retainers still lived in Faerie? Was it possible that other such members have also come to the human realm? What did they think of the prince—the one the earl's house was to eradicate.

“Francis doesn't know any more than that. Even if we told him the truth about the earl's house, there was nothing more to be learned.”

“You're...... right.” Lydia nodded.

The mood in the room changed slightly as Edgar sat on the edge of the bed. Lydia's heart skipped a beat at that slight signal. She took a deep breath trying to calm herself down, but it didn't help much.

“But it could be that there'll be some other clue to the fae realm here in Bretagne. And the red moonstone ring is no doubt somewhere...... I think it's become even more probably.”

The room was faintly lit as the moonlight shone through the thin curtains. Lydia looked up. Even in the faint light, she could clearly make out his purple eyes.

“Are you going to look into it?”

“That's why we came, right?”

“......It's our honeymoon.”

Edgar chuckled softly when Lydia said that and gently kissed her. Lydia quickly looked away when she saw him with his nightshirt unbuttoned.

“While I'm uneasy about learning about the land of the fae, I'm not having any second thoughts about it. I have to learn everything and become the earl in the true sense. In order for you to be happy, as well.”

He stroked Lydia's hair as she lay down. His ran his hand along her hairline from her cheek to her nape. At times like these, Edgar was always extremely gentle. From the very first time, he neither frightened or flustered her. He was very different from his usual forceful or teasing self, and Lydia could feel how much he cared about her. Each time their lips touched, her tension slowly melted away, and she felt she liked those kisses.

However, things didn't go as usual that day.

“......No...... wh-what are you doing.......?” Lydia asked as she tensed up.

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