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Because I seem to be stuck wanting to do too many things and therefore not working on *anything*, I figured I'd make a list of said things and start picking them off the list bit by bit. Sadly, these things tend not to be quick and easy things. *sigh*

teh list )

Ouch. And from the list * (vol 18 translation) is probably going to be the first project while ** (manga vol 1 scanlation) is questionable for a project.

the whyfor )

As for the 'how' for the first project... Since I'm wanting to challenge myself, I'm thinking about posting *daily* to my DW account at about midnight local (MDT) with whatever I've accomplished (to the end of the nearest paragraph, not chapter / section). This is to keep me honest with myself and my progress. I figure if I do it that way, since it's so visible a) people can poke me if I don't do anything (sic get on my case), b) I can't lie about what I did / did not do, and c) hopefully it'll keep me motivated and working on things. :P Of course, it also assumes that a) does in fact happen and that people will both follow my progress and will poke me (sic send hate comments) if I don't post. ^^; (I know it's counter-intuitive to send hate mail for not working on things like this, but I really want to get this done and suspect I'm going to need some prodding. Sort of like you sometimes need that slave-driver in NaNo. ^^; )

Anyhow, will probably change the date on this thing later so that it's always up top for the next few months or so. :P And the first couple posts for v 18 will probably be cross-posted but won't be thereafter since I'm going to translate to the nearest paragraph. That means things could end quite awkwardly in the middle of a scene some days. ^^; Anyhow, here's to hoping things go well and that we'll see a full volume translated in about 3 weeks time. ^^;

First post will go up tonight (might be a bit 'long' (relatively speaking compared to how things will be from hereon) since it was supposed to be done yesterday, but... *sigh*) . Shall see how things go from there...... ^^;

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