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And topic #4. Poor Mai. :P

What came out was your name )

Why must plotting and writing be worse that pulling teeth right now? Why?? *sigh*

**Almost forgot to mention that I'm not entirely sure how holidays and uni schedules work over there. The places I checked didn't have full uni calendar details like they do here! >.<;; As a result, I'm hoping I'm at least relatively close on guessing for school term timing. Definitely not sure though. Start of the year is awfully close to Golden Week for uni. *sigh*
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And Topic #3. :P Oh, and in case it's not painfully obvious, none of these have been proof-read. They're raw writings from the J version. I'll get around to that part later. ^^; Things get more fun with the next one. These first ones are mostly 'stuff'. :P

Hope you enjoy. ^_^

When I close my eyes, I think of... )
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Hmm... as mentioned way earlier, not quite in character. ^^; It's even worse in English as certain language aspects are lost between the two languages as well. I think this is the only Naru POV topic for this series, which is good. He's very hard to write! >.<;; Mai's much easier. :P

What I've come to realise now that we're apart )

More to follow later. :P
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Hrmmm... I get the feeling I seriously need to double check the prologue. Either that or I have a similar scene somewhere else and I'm misremembering where it should be. I keep feeling like something's missing. >.>

Anyhow, the first topic. It's a short one. ^^; Poor Mai...? Again not edited or anything at the moment. (I know, I know. I'm being very lazy and sloppy. ^^; )

I want to hear your voice right now )

Oh boy...

Sep. 20th, 2008 02:14 am
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*grumble* I could've sworn I said that I wasn't going to do these topics in English. I did say that, didn't I?! And yet, for some reason, that quick one shot I'd been pondering for some time now decided it wanted to be Naru's b-day story. The sad thing is, it's part of the topic series' universe which means, if I want to write the b-day-ish story, the rest of the background needs to be there too. ^^; Sadly, the b-day-ish story was written first in English. This is seriously getting to be a bad habit--writing in two different languages like this. >.> Ah well, shall see how things go with it.

Unfortunately, the prologue to the topic series isn't working out very well in English at the moment, so I'm putting it up here on LJ first instead. I'm suspecting the prologue will have to be completely rewritten to work in English. It's... a bit weird or off or something. Maybe it's the first person aspect, but I don't think that's it. After all, the first topic is fine in English. It's just one of those weird oddities I guess. *sigh*

Anyhow, the prologue is written below the cut. It's completely unedited at the moment since I'm currently working on re-re-re-editing #5 and the pseudo-epilogue in Japanese as well as starting in on the English version as well as writing up the b-day omake. ^^; Still, hope folks enjoy it. ^^;

prologue )
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。。。今朝起きたらなぜか、ちょっとしたSSを思いついた。なぜこんな物か分からないが、うん。。。昨日ちょっとブログ内探し物してる間「麻衣xナルは絶対ありえない」というコメントを見て。。。うん。。。私、どうでしょう。Tenca様が書いたSSを読んだことあるし、ほかいろいろ読んだし。。。 ちょっとそっちも好きかな~っというところも私の中にいるかも知りません。だけど、ナル受け。。。確かにちょっと難しいかも知らない。そして、そういう話あんまり全然書けない。(汗)


話はまだ頭の中でもぐちゃぐちゃ。違うところから始めたので たどり着いたのは今のところ。ちょっと時間がかかりますが、宜しければ読んでくださいね。

臆病麻衣とかなり優しいナル。ありうる?ありえない?どっちでしょうね。仕事場だったらありえないほうかも。 ^^;

ナルx麻衣 そして 麻衣xナル になる可能性有り。苦手な方に要注意。(今のところ 何もないけど。(笑))

まだあんまりないけど。。。 )
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M: Missing (Mai misses work) for [ profile] arianataniyama
Words: 2189
Genre: Everyday life?

Um )

......I have no idea what I was thinking when writing this one...?? *flees*
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A little early, and a bit out there, but... :P Somehow, I get the feeling this is more a... ah well, you'll see. ^^;

March 1 )

Hope folks enjoy! ^^;;
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This one's mixing in with what just went by yesterday. Nope I didn't quite make it. :P

Valentine SS, Naru x Mai

Mai, Mai, Mai, Mai, Mai. You really must be more careful. ^^;

:P )

I should've made this one of my alpha-req's. Oh well. :P I *so* can't write romance. >.>

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Hmm... I think this loses something in translation...? Anyhow, I decided to write up an English version for "To you, this flower" after all. ^^;; The SS is up on my site and will be going up later on Blame [ profile] akinarei for this one. It came from my recent lost battle to Lin-san on her D prompt. >.> Any mud should be slung her way.

To You, This Flower
Words: 1693 with an omake
Summary: Mai receives a package from a former classmate at SPR. However, when the Regulars see that flower...

Notes: Dream!boy makes a brief cameo.

Disclaimer: Ghost Hunt is the brain child of Ono Fuyumi. The world and characters are hers. I'm just toying with the characters until they decide to revolt against me. :P
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T - Truth (& tea), Naru x Mai, for [ profile] sekitx2
Words: 3243 with an omake
Summary: A rambling and confused... non-confession confession?

Notes: details up to the end of Heiki.

...N-Naru?! )

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I is for Insane, as in Mai driving Naru..., for [ profile] ginny_t

Title: The Destructive Duo
Words: 4532 with an omake
Summary: Mai returns to the office after finishing her term finals...

Notes: Dream!boy shows up in the omake :P

Poor Naru... or is that poor everyone...??

boy this is long... )
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Hrm... I'm not sure about this. It's Lin, but... >.>

Q: Quest - for [ profile] ginny_t
Words: 2969
Genre: everyday life?

Naru does something really silly, so you do need to know his abilities. :P Beware of jealous Naru...

I'm sorry Lin... >.<;;  )

And for those who are wondering what's being mentioned in this story...
Moomin Bakery and Cafe:
Nyoronyoro and Moomin breads:

Northern Fox Hello Kitty:
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And before [personal profile] ginny_t decides to find some means of creating a wormhole and reaches through the screen to strangle me, I think A:  Albion SS shall go up.  It's gone past SSS length straight into SS.  >.>  Yeah, I seriously fail.  ^^;

A:  Albion
Mai in England (and any others that belong)
for [profile] hezziwig
Length:  3270 words
Genre:  General/Drama

Minor bits mentioned from the novels.

Albion )

Oh yeah, I fail.  >.>;  32.7 drabbles in length and that's with severe restraint.  *sigh*

For being "Mai-centric", *someone* took over.  >.>
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Sorry guys... Not in English yet. :P (I hope this works and is at least semi-legible. I'm on Haku right now, and he doesn't have J input so I can't do anything with what I've written. (I can't quite *read* what I've written either. >.>)

Also, there are still a few letters left for grabs. So anyone who's interested should post a quick note with their request. ^_^

はい、下に載ってるアルファベットリク A の SSです~。これは[ profile] hezziwigからのリクで 英語編はまだ完成してません。。。て言うか そっちはまだ載ってません。2-3話になる予定で これはその最初の一話です。ごめんなさい こんなに長く書くつもりはなかったのに。。。(ま、一話はあんまり長くないが、すべてはちょっと長いかな?)

A is for Albion 1/2(?), J rough draft, for [ profile] hezziwig. Hope you like it (once it's up in English :P). ^_^

クリックしてね~ )


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