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Because I seem to be stuck wanting to do too many things and therefore not working on *anything*, I figured I'd make a list of said things and start picking them off the list bit by bit. Sadly, these things tend not to be quick and easy things. *sigh*

In no particular order beyond by title:
Ghost Hunt:
- finish Soul Keepers
- finish GW
- finish IW
- finish Spring-time story
- finish IW 1.5 and 2
- alphabet "drabbles" >.<;;
- finish odai fics (I stopped at #5 (J) / #4 (E) and didn't post the J or E epilogues??)
- finish and edit and possibly write E version of NaNo 2008 O_O;; (That might be a lot ambitious)
- ? (I'm probably missing a number of fics here, so feel free to remind me of anything I'm missing)

- Vol 1 next section translation
- finish vol 6 summary
- Vol 18 summary / translation*
- finish timeline of events >.<;
- summaries for books 7-16 >.<;
- scanlate manga vol 1**
- sub CD dramas included with DVDs 3-6
- sub CD drama 1 (book 3)
- finish subbing CD drama 2 (How to Catch...)
- finish chibi-Lydia fic
- finish J SS (write E version?)

- translation list from last year
- Mona's smut translation :P
- read Tani Mizue's Majo series
- read latest Mago novels / books; listen to latest CD drama(s)
- read latest Saiun novels / books
- study more kanji!! (sic get through learning all jouyou kanji) >.<;
- I'm sure I'm missing things here, too

Ouch. And from the list * (vol 18 translation) is probably going to be the first project while ** (manga vol 1 scanlation) is questionable for a project.

* Probable first project. I'm thinking about challenging myself and seeing how much and how quickly I can translate this. It's a question of how focussed can I keep myself and for how long before I get frustrated, bored, annoyed... or if I can plow my way through it all. Quite frankly, if I can keep focussed (and have no life to speak of, which is generally the case), there's no reason why I shouldn't be able to do this over the course of ~3 weeks (approx. assuming all goes well). As for why this title and not the rest of v 1, the reason's quite simple: I have a *.txt file for it. :P That means I can 'cheat' and use goo or what have you to look up the meaning of anything I'm not sure of rather than fight with stroke counts and kanji look-ups and then use the thesaurus or the brain to figure out how exactly I want to translate the words. :P To be honest, my most used resource is probably the thesaurus. ^^; (...Shouldn't it be my brain...?)

** Not sure about this since scanning the manga will likely be highly damaging to my manga vol which I really dislike. (I despise damaging books.) It's a concept, but I haven't decided fully one way or the other on it yet. (Besides which, I believe I've translated the novel up to the end of the first manga volume.)

As for the 'how' for the first project... Since I'm wanting to challenge myself, I'm thinking about posting *daily* to my DW account at about midnight local (MDT) with whatever I've accomplished (to the end of the nearest paragraph, not chapter / section). This is to keep me honest with myself and my progress. I figure if I do it that way, since it's so visible a) people can poke me if I don't do anything (sic get on my case), b) I can't lie about what I did / did not do, and c) hopefully it'll keep me motivated and working on things. :P Of course, it also assumes that a) does in fact happen and that people will both follow my progress and will poke me (sic send hate comments) if I don't post. ^^; (I know it's counter-intuitive to send hate mail for not working on things like this, but I really want to get this done and suspect I'm going to need some prodding. Sort of like you sometimes need that slave-driver in NaNo. ^^; )

Anyhow, will probably change the date on this thing later so that it's always up top for the next few months or so. :P And the first couple posts for v 18 will probably be cross-posted but won't be thereafter since I'm going to translate to the nearest paragraph. That means things could end quite awkwardly in the middle of a scene some days. ^^; Anyhow, here's to hoping things go well and that we'll see a full volume translated in about 3 weeks time. ^^;

First post will go up tonight (might be a bit 'long' (relatively speaking compared to how things will be from hereon) since it was supposed to be done yesterday, but... *sigh*) . Shall see how things go from there...... ^^;

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hello there =D

Date: 2011-11-08 05:35 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I just recently began to read Hakushaku and was immediately smitten by it and has become a devoted fan. I don't understand japanese at all so I was really100x thankful for all the translations you did (^_^)! you did a super great job! as I read on things really are getting more and more interesting so I was wondering (if you don't mind me asking) when will you be updating Hakushaku again, since the last translation I read was on 2009?...

Re: hello there =D

Date: 2011-11-27 04:43 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
^ ditto that~ thank you for all your work! wish they had a second season of the anime too >.


Date: 2012-03-08 01:52 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I'm really hoping to know about volume 19!


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